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Policy for placement of ads and advertising matters on www.partner.az website and usage of matters.

1. General

    1.1. Usage of matters and services of the website is regulated by applicable laws of The Republic of Azerbaijan.

    1.2. Website Administration is not responsible for the content of the placed ads and advertising matters and also for invalid contact or other information placed in them.

    1.3. Only ads of directions indicated in the menu are permitted for placement.

2. Rules for Placement

    2.1. User agrees not to place information that may be considered as violation of the legislation of The Republic of Azerbaijan or standards of international laws, infringement in the field of intellectual property, copyrights and/or mixed rights and not to act in manner that may result in disorder of the website and its services.

    2.2. Placement of information in an ordinary (free of charge) mode is for the term of 3 (three) months. If User decides to remove the information from the website for any reason within this term a letter with the ad’s number and request to remove the ad shall be sent to the website administration.

    2.3. Placement of information for a fee (home page) is for the term of 1 month (30 days). If no request with regard to extend the term of the ad placed was made the web site administration has the right to remove the ad after expiration of this period.

    2.4. Comments and other notes of User on the Website shall not contradict the requirements of the legislation of The Republic of Azerbaijan and standards of common principles of morality and ethics.

    2.5. User has been notified that the Website Administration is not responsible for User’s visits and usage of external resources the links of which can be available on the website.

    2.6. Administration has got the right to modify the ad with purpose to unify it to the website standards.

    2.7. Administration has got the right not to place ads contradicting the website policy and is not obliged to provide User detailed information on the reasons for refusal.

3. Other terms and conditions

    3.1. All possible disputes resulting from or related to the present Policy are subject to solution in accordance with the applicable legislation of The Republic of Azerbaijan.

    3.2. Recognition of any condition of the present Policy by court as invalid or not to be compulsory executed does not mean invalidity of the Policy other conditions.

    3.4. No reaction of the Website Administration against the violation of the Policy conditions by any User does not debar the Website Administration to take appropriate actions later to protect its interests and copyrights on the Website matters protected in accordance with the legislation.

User confirms that he was familiarized with all items of the present Agreement and absolutely accepts them.

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