We provide the following services:

Representation services

Negotiations with the client's clients on behalf of and by order of the client. Formulation of Contract and other required documents. Organizing business meetings and other gatherings by the client’s order. Development of promotion materials of the company. Translation services. Arrangement of meetings, accommodation and provision with all necessary for work. Documentary services including bookkeeping and financial accounting, legalization (оформление) of the necessary documentation and mailing.

Evaluation services

- valuation of business and cost analysis – assessment of the market value of enterprise,

- assessment of remaining value, shares, pro rata contributions;

- assessment of value of various real property – assessment of incomplete commercial and industrial real property, facilities;

- assessment of intangible assets and intellectual property – licenses, patents for invention, design, and trademarks, franchising;

- assessment of machinery, equipment and vehicles value – assessment of all type equipment;

- evaluation of investment projects, investment analysis;

- development of business plans and feasibility study;


Acting on behalf of seller or buyer, preparing presentations for enterprises, negotiations on behalf of seller/buyer.

Assistance in legalization of legal entities.

Corporate General

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